Personal Weighing Scales

10 rem


Manufacturing Weighing scales

10 rem


Standard Weighing scales

15 rem


Food Weighing scales

23 rem

Latest Collections

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Security Super Scanner

Ksh.2499.00 Ksh.2999.00

Bag Closer Machine

Ksh.14999.00 Ksh.18500.00

Elctric Fruit Juicer

Ksh.79999.00 Ksh.85000.00

Electric Meat Mincer 160kg per hr

Ksh.29999.00 Ksh.35000.00

Electric Meat Mincer 60kg per hr

Ksh.19999.00 Ksh.22000.00

Electric Meat Mincer 200kg per hr

Ksh.49999.00 Ksh.55000.00

Electric and Manual Sugarcane Juicer

Ksh.60000.00 Ksh.68000.00

Electric Wall Fan Black

Ksh.3499.00 Ksh.3999.00

Elctric Wall fan

Ksh.3499.00 Ksh.3999.00

Digital Computerized Portable scale

Ksh.3999.00 Ksh.4500.00

Impulse Sealer Collection

Ksh.5000.00 Ksh.5000.00

Electric hairdrier

Ksh.3999.00 Ksh.4500.00

Supertaper Electric clipper

Ksh.3999.00 Ksh.4500.00

Electric Balding clipper

Ksh.4999.00 Ksh.5500.00

Electric UV Lamp

Ksh.4500.00 Ksh.5500.00

Electric Popcorn Machine

Ksh.32999.00 Ksh.35999.00

Manual Chips Cutter

Ksh.6500.00 Ksh.7500.00

Manual Mear Grinder

Ksh.2999.00 Ksh.3599.00

Electric Car Wash Machine

Ksh.69999.00 Ksh.75000.00

Electric Car Wash Petrol Machine

Ksh.29999.00 Ksh.35000.00

Electric Car Washer

Ksh.34900.00 Ksh.39999.00

Electric Vacuum cleaner

Ksh.13500.00 Ksh.15000.00

Electric Highspeed Bonesaw Motor

Ksh.79999.00 Ksh.84500.00

Analog 130kg Measuring scale

Ksh.1999.00 Ksh.2500.00

Digital Kitchen scale

Ksh.1999.00 Ksh.3000.00

Digital ACS 30kg Measuring scale

Ksh.5500.00 Ksh.6500.00

Digital ACS 300kg Measuring scale

Ksh.16999.00 Ksh.18500.00

Hanson Analog Measuring scale

Ksh.1999.00 Ksh.2500.00

Digital Health Measuring scale

Ksh.9500.00 Ksh.11500.00

Digital Health 180kg Measuring scale

Ksh.18509.00 Ksh.19500.00

Analog 160kg Measuring scale

Ksh.11500.00 Ksh.14500.00

Digital Hanging Portable scale

Ksh.999.00 Ksh.1500.00

Digital Hanging Crane scale

Ksh.4499.00 Ksh.5999.00

Kitchen scale

Ksh.2999.00 Ksh.3500.00

Analog Measuring scale

Ksh.64999.00 Ksh.66000.00

Personal scale

Ksh.2999.00 Ksh.3500.00

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